Monday, 9 May 2016

A good day to die

I feel so hollow on the inside, like someone has removed all hope from within me and left me with despair and bitter loneliness. The burden of weight seems so unbearable to carry, my joints are actually aching, I feel as though I am unable to put it down and relieve myself of it. I so wish that I could shake these feelings off and go about my day but there is no more fight in me. I feel tired, not the good type of tired, the tiredness you get after a hard days work or the tiredness you feel when you have earned the right to be tired. I just feel shattered, exhausted!

Today feels like a good day to die! I don’t feel suicidal, it just feels like the perfect time not to be here anymore, a time not be right here, right now and barely existing in this bitter pitiful consuming torment that is life.

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